Down for Maintenance (Err 3)

We have recently upgraded our Client and Support Portal (WHMCS) and migrated to a new and faster server. We are now in a process of verifying Client data and it's integrity on our system. We have decided NOT to migrate the existing Client database to the new platform since it contains redundant and dead data.

If you are an ACTIVE Client (a Client that has an active domain or hosting service subscribed with us), we request you to please:

1/ Goto (New Portal).
2/ Click on Account menu and then Register.
3/ Fill-in the Registration Form with all necessary data.
4/ Please ensure that the Email Address you give is an alternate and functional email address.
5/ Please do not use email on a domain hosted on our servers since in case of domain issues, you will not receive communication from us.
6/ The Email Address will be your Login ID. Kindly follow the good password tips to select a secure password.
7/ All Invoices, account notices and other communication will be sent to your Login ID email.
8/ If your Login ID email has not been updated in the past, it is therefore now a good reason to change it and bring it update to date.
9/ After registration is completed, please CREATE a new Support Ticket (IMPORTANT!).
0/ In the Support Ticket please list your ALL ACTIVE domains currently hosted on our servers.

We thank you for your cooperation and helping us in the migration of Client database.

Assuring you of our best services and attention at all times. Hosting
Support Team